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Get Real

Entrepreneurship – Get “Real”

Recently, an entrepreneur colleague/friend (who I will admit that I idolized) decided to walk away from being an entrepreneur and take a job at someone else’s company. I was, frankly, heartbroken (because when the most hardcore entrepreneur you know packs […]

You’re Not For Everyone (and that’s Okay)

I’m sure most solopreneurs and small business owners have spent time defining their ideal clients.  If you’ve ever worked with a coach, the concept has almost certainly come up.  We’re told that we need to have a focus, to be […]

The Local Social Conference – What Stuck With Me

How often do you get to pick the collective brains of social and search professionals and hear about what they can do to help you and your business do to grow and prosper? I had the good fortune to, at […]

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I was thinking the other day about the phrase “the light at the end of the tunnel” and thinking about a friend who often attaches the sentiment that, for him, the light is often actually a speeding freight train coming […]

Social Media Choices Can Be Overwhelming

My Mom is in her late 70’s. She has no Social Media accounts. None. Heck, she just, within the last six months, got high-speed internet.  To this point she had been using DIAL-UP AOL.  I’ll let that sink in for […]

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do For Me?

Working with a Virtual Assistant can save you time and money. Many busy executives like the idea of having a Virtual Assistant but are not quite sure what a Virtual Assistant can do for them. Simply put,  a Virtual Assistant […]


  • I have worked with Laura for over three years now, on a very regular basis. She is my adminstrative support person for the weekly publication of my newsletter (distributed using MailChimp), which is also posted on my website. This is a crucial part of my coaching and mentoring business, and Laura has been a joy to work with. She has been very reliable, co-operative, appreciative, supportive, and attuned to my various needs and priorities.
    I feel very lucky to have her as an assistant. I can recommend her without reservation.


  •  Laura was proactive, great with clients, willing to learn new tasks and kept me organized. She was intelligent and diplomatic. I could give her a task and not have to worry about it getting done and the work prepared was consistently high quality.

  • Laura has come to the rescue multiple times when I  had tech issues and has saved me time (and sanity) in getting things to work for me and my clients!
    I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for a reliable, responsive and tech savvy VA Partner to get things done!


  • I found Laura to be a well-organized and very talented professional.   She is an intelligent person who has the ability to remain calm in a crisis, and can be counted upon to come through when facing a deadline.

  • Perhaps Laura’s most valuable quality is her resourcefulness. A quick study and a self-starter, Laura takes the initiative to answer her own questions and excels at problem solving. She produces solutions with very little direction and supervision; a rare level of independence compared to a typical employee.

  • Laura was always attentive to any work request, and promptly fulfilled any assignments I gave her.