It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend Laura Darkstar. I’ve known Laura since 2007, and we’ve collaborated on several projects over the years. Her dependability, resourcefulness, and diverse skill set make her a valuable asset in any organization.

Laura keeps her commitments and does thorough work. Her attention to detail is admirable, as is her ability to prioritize and work effectively. I’ve entrusted her with confidential information, legal matters, and sensitive projects, and she’s delivered excellent results each and every time. She is professional and tactful even under difficult circumstances.

Perhaps Laura’s most valuable quality is her resourcefulness. A quick study and a self-starter, Laura takes the initiative to answer her own questions and excels at problem solving. She produces solutions with very little direction and supervision; a rare level of independence compared to a typical employee.

From bookkeeping and paralegal work to merchandising and creative projects, Laura’s experience is surprisingly deep for its breadth. She combines the natural service disposition required of administrative work with a solid sense for business and a good grasp on technical concepts. Her creative work is inspired and compelling.

Laura makes a valuable contribution to any project or organization she’s involved with. I thoroughly enjoy her as a colleague and a friend. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

~Catherine W.  ~ Author and former Small Business Strategist at Words & Numbers


I have worked with Laura for over three years now, on a very regular basis. She is my adminstrative support person for the weekly publication of my newsletter (distributed using MailChimp), which is also posted on my website. This is a crucial part of my coaching and mentoring business, and Laura has been a joy to work with. She has been very reliable, co-operative, appreciative, supportive, and attuned to my various needs and priorities.

I feel very lucky to have her as an assistant. I can recommend her without reservation.

~Shayla Wright, WideAwakeHeart


I’ve worked with Laura Darkstar for more than a year now and have found her to be very responsive to requests, willing to learn new things, and she’s a great communicator. I was initially hesitant to bring Laura aboard Team UVA because I needed someone who was well versed in Infusionsoft to take over a newsletter for a client. I trained Laura on Infusionsoft and she picked it up quickly! Her willingness to take on new tasks and to learn new platforms makes her an asset to our team. Laura has come to the rescue multiple times when I had tech issues and has saved me time (and sanity) in getting things to work for me and my clients!

I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for a reliable, responsive and tech savvy VA Partner to get things done!

~Jeanette Ortega, Multi VA Firm Owner, Ultimate Virtual Assistants, LLC


Laura worked for me both in-house and virtually from 2006 until 2011 and still periodically helps me with small projects. I have retired from the practice of Law which was what I was doing when Laura began as my Executive/Legal Assistant in 2006.   Laura was proactive, great with clients, willing to learn new tasks and kept me organized. She was intelligent and diplomatic. I could give her a task and not have to worry about it getting done and the work prepared was consistently high quality.

I would absolutely recommend Laura to anyone who wants an intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working, and reliable assistant. She would be a fabulous addition to any team or as support for an entrepreneur who works on their own. She is a patient listener and will really get to know her client and their business. 

Other things to know about Laura – she’s outstanding with technology, will go out of her way to make the people she works with happy and is great with chocolate labs, too!

~Thomas Thistle, (retired) Attorney


Laura was very pleasant to work with, always attentive to any work request, and promptly fulfilled any assignments I gave her. Her attendance was exemplary. She was always willing to perform any work task I assigned her. Her sense of humor lightened the work place. Should you need any other information, please let me know.

~Stan P., Senior Advisor at INNEX Energy


I found Laura to be a well-organized and very talented professional.   She is an intelligent person who has the ability to remain calm in a crisis, and can be counted upon to come through when facing a deadline.  Laura and I worked well as a team, and she is one of the best administrative assistants I have worked with in my 30 years in the human services field.

~Dr. Michael G.